Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Levelling Down 101

In a cunning attempt to quash rumours that they exists in a parallel universe to the rest of us, the educrats have announced that parents often help their children with their GCSE coursework. While we await further reports on the religious leanings of the Pope and the sanitary arrangements of bears, the educrats have decided that what the situtaion really requires is more guidelines, thereby utterly refuting another Nu Lab stereotype. Apparently, parents will read these notes then decide to let Junior sink if that's what Mr Blair wants, and order will be restored.

Really, if you were a recently-arrived alien from another planet, you'd be able to draw up a better model of human behavior than this. Yes parents help their kids out - that's what parents do. Besides, it's not like the kids are going to learn anything any other way. Not with the schools being obsessed with stuff like this.

I mean, look at that opening line: 'Schools should incorporate racial equality into mainstream lessons to achieve an effective race relations policy, inspectors say.' A-huh. You can imagine how that works - 'Ok class, can anyone tell me which metal salts are always soluble, and why native Britons are evil ?' C'mon. If even the most apolitical teachoids aren't allowed to cover how mirrors work without inserting little PC sermons then it's no wonder parents don't respect the system.

Our education system is a trainwreck. Children from succesful familes can draw on their support to succeed in spite of that, while those from dysfunctional backgrounds are basically screwed. Nu Lab's concern about coursework just turns out to be same ol', same ol' socialism: 'we can't help, but we can screw up your neighbours' life as well'.

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