Thursday, November 03, 2005

The ‘Reverse Nuremburg’ Rides Again

Who says Nu Lab has been afraid to innovate ? Consider how they’ve introduced a whole new excuse into British politics. The Nuremburg defence is where someone claims they were ‘only following orders’. Nu Lab have gone one better – every time they get busted, they claim their minions weren’t following orders, they just got some wacky idea into their head and ran with it for no reason at all. Look at this for a perfect example.

Thing is this: how come it only works one way ? How come we never hear of over-enthusiastic public servants trying to rebrand Eid as ‘The Festival Of Not Blowing Buses Up’ ? Nope – when public servants supposedly overstep the mark, then it’s always in the one direction. Ditto, if these people really have exceeded their authority and used public money to give an unauthorised V-sign to Christians, why aren’t they being shown the door ? Again, I don’t think our friend proposing the hypothetical Eid rebranding would last the day. He’d be given the heave-ho, but not these guys. But remember, the Left doesn’t support them in any way – it just spends public money employing them.

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