Sunday, November 06, 2005

Evil Nazis Tell Truth About Stuff

Via Max comes news that PC Plod is still struggling with the idea of freedom of the press. Bedfordshire Chief Dhimmi Constable Gillian Parker is whining about a cartoon in the Police Federation magazine showing officers of her force carefully taking their shoes off outside a mosque, while a guy dives out a back window with a bag of explosives.

Given that Bedfordshire Police policy is indeed that officers should carefully taking their shoes off before entering Muslim-owned territories, this seems like a fair cop. Ms Parker, as she would no doubt like to be called, is clearly a devotee of the old line that when the facts are on your side, argue the facts, when the law is on your side, argue the law and when neither are on your side, pound the table and scream a lot. Here's her main argument:

The stereotypical portrayal of religious communities and the use of places of
worship in a sacrilegious manner are bound to offend.

Alright, for the sake of her moronic argument, we'll assume that a news report that offends is, by definition, a bad thing. Yes, we should stop the use of religious places of worship in a sacrilegious manner. But, given that dhimmis like Parker would rather stick pins in their eyes than search a mosque, it looks like the mullahs won't have to stop using them as armouries any time soon.

Insensitive actions only serve to make our life more difficult

Again, with the assumption that the media - even the trade media - exists to make the Filth's life easier.

We have worked hard over an extended period of time to achieve relationships and I feel that the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims as terrorists has unnecessarily jeopardised this.

Where it is feasible to do so we continue to consider the individual customs of all communities when we enter their homes and places of worship; I make no apology for this.

All communities ? Can Parker name any other communities which get this treatment ? Any ? Leaving aside the implication that Parker wouldn't have complained if the target had been depicted leaving with a bag full of crack and paedo mags - as if - Islamic terrorism isn't some bizzare caricature dreamed up by the VRWC. It happens - a lot. That's the bottom line here. For all the whining, Parker can't deny that the cartoon is, as far as such things can be, a perfectly fair representation of Bedfordshire Police policy. She'd just rather you didn't mention it.

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