Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our Long National Nightmare Continues...

Will it ever end ? Yep, the Left are busily beating a dead Brazilian again. Still, I can't help but notice a certain desperation about the latest farcical iteration.

I remember when the L3 were working themselves into a frenzy about police death squads spraying fire around crowded train carriages, now they're down to picking through public statements, trying to catch the Police in a contradiction.

That’s a bit of a come down, from accusing the Police of operating secret assassination units, to trawling through documents in a desperate search for ‘Gotchas!’. Still, you know how the Left are about lies, which is why they'd never do something like, ooh, I don't know, try and imply that the police were using illegal ammunition when there's absolutely no legal basis for that claim.

Still, these folks do have point about lack of transparency in this case. Think how long it took to find out that, yes, St Jean the Martyr was an illegal immigrant. I just don’t think these people are the obvious choice to complain about it – not with the difficulty there is pinning down exactly who these people really are (or who’s paying for this campaign). Mind you, it would be interesting to hear our newly prissy Left give us their considered opinion on the morality of political activists passing themselves off as merely concerned citizens.

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