Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Everything Must Go!

It's the end of season link clearance - a bunch of links aquired from who knows where for reasons I can't remember, but that are too good to just delete.

The American Imperialist perfectly skewers an alternative, yet perfectly valid culture.

Check out Steven Lansburg's briliant essay on enviromentalism. Read it and never again listen to Liberals complain about Conservative moralising.

Talking of econuts, Michael Crichton does a good job of kicking them, and their MSM enablers, here.

The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce ? The USSR used to declare that dissidents were mentally ill - you'll never guess who's following in their footsteps.

Oh, alright, maybe you will.

Another famous British figure outed as a Muslim ? Hey, this still makes more sense than most of the BBC's coverage of exploding issues.

Talking of the ROP, The Dick List has written a lovely song for them. Isn't that nice ?

Meanwhile, we have the last word on the Islam/Queen scenario.

On the subject of decapitation, here's final proof that the headchoppers are in no way practicing true Islam, also it's not just Britain where public service broadcasting is a byword for sleazy appeasement.

Come to think of it, even when Islam is pretending to be a religion it still sucks. It's not even the looniest faith imaginable. Sure, mass murder is pretty deranged, but it can't hardly compare to the madness revealed in the Fishman affadavit.

And finally, a source for the ultimate in pub quiz trivia rounds.

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