Sunday, November 06, 2005

Looking For The Local Angle

One of the better jokes in the later Hitchhiker books is when a jounalist on a local paper becomes the first person to make contact with one of the minions of a giant alien that has invaded the Earth, and tells him 'I think we'll get a story out of this, if we work in a local angle'.

That same spirit is alive today in Cumbria. An e-mail from the Puppy crew points out this article, where the North West Evening Mail suggests local MP John Hutton (Blunkett's replacement) could be our next PM. Why ? Ah yes - nobody knows who he is.
I can see how having no one know you're a part of this government could well be an advantage, but considering Hutton has now been landed with sorting out the pensions crisis, I'm thinking he's probably more likely to be the next Estelle Morris than the next John Major.

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