Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, That Depends What The Meaning Of 'Extremist' Is

The 'Jeremy Vine Show' long ago jumped the shark in terms of taste and balance, but today's edition was special. Stand in host Julian Worricker administered the full Lewinsky to his guest, loveable Oirish Jack-The-Lad Gerry Adams.

Hearing a journalist, let alone one from the 'impartial BBC', banter with a murderous scumbag would be hard to take at the best of times, but consider the treatment handed out to a certain other well-known nationalist. The BBC almost never interviews Nick Griffin, and even then only under the journalistic equivalent of a level four quarantine. What's more, the BBC justifies refusing to cover legitimate news stories by the apparently all important requirement not to publicise anything that might help the BNP.

True, Nick Griffin's never called off the BNP's bombing campaign, but then again, they've never actually blown anything up in the first place, let alone killed thousands of people. Jovial Gerry meanwhile has agreed to stop killing people provided the government gives him everything he wants - truly, he is the Ghandi de nos jours.

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