Sunday, September 02, 2007

How To Go From A Nazi Neadathal To A Courageous Whistleblower In One Easy Step

Actually, I think I've worked out what the left means by 'community hero' - they mean someone like Sir Mike Jackson. Back when he was General Sir Mike Jackson, he was a liar and an edgy weirdo, but now he's become the pin up boy for standards in public life. That's what slagging off the Great Satan will do for you.

See, this is further proof of my theory that the Ladder of Victimhood is matched by the Ladder of Hate. Two minutes ago, leftards were prepared to believe even the most ludicrous libels against British troops. Click onto this thread and feel the love! But now one of the knuckle-dragging murderers has opened up on uSS troops, the left is ready to canonise him - or at least whatever the liberal equivalent may be. Chair at an Oxbridge college ?

For that matter, consider the deeper humbuggery of the liberal reception to Jackson's remarks. The MSM has spent months telling us that Basra was the worst place in the world. Now it turns out that Baghdad is the even more worst place in the world, and those damn Yankees are idiots for not implementing the very policies which made Basra what it is today.

As EU Referendum reminds us, Jackson is hardly blameless for events in Basra. However bad US planning was initially, they learned and adapted. Meanwhile, the British Army under Jackson treated the whole 'war' thing as a dreadful distraction from the business of acquiring cool new toys. Not that the MSM noticed though - they were too busy kerb crawling for atrocity stories. It'd be interesting to hear what Mike thinks about that, but I'm guessing there are only some whistles worth blowing.

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