Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mel Gibson Was Right About These People!

In so far as the MSM seems to have given house room to every absurd anti-Semitic theory in existance, the reporting on events at Chelsea is bizarre. Is there anyone on the planet who hasn't noticed a pattern to the arrivals and departures at Stamford Bridge ? Maybe if they changed the club badge to two triangles superimposed on each other, the MSM might finally break its weird omerta. Until then, it looks like they'll stick with 250 000 articles on how neo-cons control US foreign policy.


OK, some folks have been left on the kerb by this one. Basically, I was amused by the 100 000 or so articles in the MSM asking how come Abramovich chose to replace a high profile manager like Mourinho with a no profile manager like Grant, who's birthday cards come addressed 'to whom it may concern'. What could be the attraction ?

It's hardly an isolated incident. In fact, in so far as Ken Bates was forced out of Chelsea by bogus charges of anti-Semitism, Abramovich achieved the almost impossible by identifying a form of moral turpitude that Bates isn't guilty of. Meanwhile, our PC-soaked MSM recoils in fear from reporting the blindingly obvious, namely that Abramovich likes to recruit fellow 'friends of the Bronsteins', even as they gear up for another go around with Green Helmet, the Magic Ambulance and the rest of the Hamasholes.

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