Thursday, September 27, 2007

Unique History, In Need Of Some Renovation....

Trevor Philips has rightly been flamed to a crisp for his suggestion that our history is kind of old-fashioned and really needs a makeover. For the 0.0000002% of you who haven't seen it, Laban Tall saw this insania coming two years ago, and neatly debunks the technical details here.

Actually, I see this as a perfect example of history repeating itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. We've gone from Stalin's experiments in air-brushing to the left wanting to rewrite history so a black Francis Drake single-handedly defeats the Armada by personally steering a fireship into the Spanish fleet, then just before it hits he shouts 'Welcome to the hood, M*****f******' and escapes on his jetski.

Hey, these leftists can stop whining about Hollywood right now. Even 'Pearl Harbour' beats the whole 'heroic Turks altruistically destroying the Spanish Armada by attacking some other ships in some other sea' script. Mind you, if we're not supposed to criticise Islamofascism because of the role of Muslims in defeating the Armada, what's the reward for sending millions of troops over here in the 1940s ? That must mean the US has the right to nuke Manchester, right ?

Still, there is a serious side to all this. It's actually being debated whether or not the history curriculum should include bogus stories about heroic Muslims saving England. This is how badly things are going in the culture war.

Meanwhile, as the left unveils its new 'if you don't like our history, just wait a week and we'll have a new one' policy, where exactly is the supposed party of the right ? Where, indeed. Apparently, a strict 'no lying' policy is too much of a hot potato for them. Either that, or they're hoping a bunch of Turks will show up to save the day.

See, this is why the Tories are irrelevant. Whatever millimetric changes they propose to bring in, on these absolutely foundational issues, like whether or not schools should teach ludicrous leftist propaganda, they've surrendered to the liberal agenda. In so far as the Tories have no interest in fighting for conservatives, why on earth should they expect the right to support them ?

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