Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Backlash Your Backlash To Infinity Plus One

No matter how annoying the Madeline McCann circus has been, it sure beats the ten mile long line of lefty would-be iconoclasts penning sneery articles about it. Still, even amongst a tidal wave of dullards, one article stands out for its sheer chutzpah.

Yep, it's The Man In The White Suit himself complaining about the media being obsessed with trivialities. All this from a guy whose election campaign was based around his appalling dress sense.

But that's not even the best of the humbug. Let's hear what he thinks the BBC should be covering:
The BBC's main TV news on Saturday, when there were no new developments in the case to report, was still swamped by the McCann story. The announced withdrawal of a British armoured regiment from Iraq, the deaths of two soldiers in action in Afghanistan and serious injuries to two more, were deemed to be of secondary importance.
Yep, instead of the Maddie death watch, he wants an Army death watch instead. Which is completely different. Bell doesn't want any kind of context here, far less anything equivalent to this. Nope, just the deaths will do him fine.

You know, it'd be interesting to hear Bell defend this. Is this guy really being interviewed (and interviewed, and interviewed and..) because of his brilliant insights ? Apparently, there's emoting and there's emoting.

Then there's this:
However this turns out, it is a crime of one sort or another and a family tragedy - neither more nor less. It stands alone. Unlike the death of Rhys Jones in Liverpool, it is not freighted with issues of a gun culture, gang violence or anything else in which politicians might be expected to take an interest.
Huh ? If Bell thinks protecting the public from predators is no business of government, it's no wonder he was such a flop as an MP. Call me Mr Suspicious, but I detect an agenda here.

The shooting of Rhys Jones is 'freighted with issues' (Evil GUUUUNS! More yoof workers!), but there're no lessons to be learned from the McCann case. Really ? No lesson at all, or just no lessons liberals approve of ?

Ditto, the enthusiasm for reporting on soldiers killed in combat, but not children in harm's way. One supports the Left's message (Surrender Now!), while the other doesn't (nonces are people too!). At the end of the day, it's just the liberal media's good dog/bad dog rhetoric being given another walk round the block. Good reporting is that which supports the liberal agenda, while anything that hinders it gets sniffily dismissed. That's all Bell's prissy sermonising boils down to. No wonder he was so popular back in SW1.

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