Monday, September 03, 2007

So, Are We Allowed To Talk About Culture Or Not ?

No, according to the Ayatollah Khmaeron, trying to prove his liberal credentials by equating fears about the cultural effects of open borders with racism:
I do think that people have a very real concern about levels of immigration and not because of different cultures or the colour of their skin.
Yes, according to the courts, ever anxious not to appear ethnocentric about the whole 'sexual violence against women' thing:
AN ANGUS restaurant manager who carried out a string of sexual assaults after arriving in this country from Pakistan was spared jail and deportation yesterday....

During the trial, evidence was led on Rehmat’s behalf about the cultural differences between Pakistan and his adopted homeland and Mr Niven-Smith suggested the accused simply had “no proper understanding of the cultural differences” of a society where women are equal and would dress in a manner where bare midriffs and underwear are often on show.
Seriously, can we have some kind of ruling on this ? Is the whole 'culture' thing a fraud cooked by naughty nazis, or do immigrants bring with them radically different ideas about even basic tenets of British civilisation ?

I think we should be told.

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