Sunday, September 02, 2007

Size Isn't Important, After All

One useful side effect of Cameron's supa-limp attack on open borders has been the debunking of one of the teaching union's favourite talking points. These people spent years telling us that the only reason Stoner St Comp got lousy results was because they had an average class size of 31 instead of 29. Now, Cameron suggests that dumping 20 new kids into a reception class may have a negative effect and libs have never heard anything so crazy.

Needless to say, Cameron's stupid argument raises more questions than it answers. If 20 is too much, how much is about right ? 10 extra per year ? And is that 10 extra every year ? Where exactly are we going to get the funds for schools to take on the equivalent of a new class every three years ? And, in so far as these people are indeed drawing on public services, either they're paying a hell of a lot of tax on their 'job Britons won't do' or the case for open borders is economic lunacy, so which is it ?

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