Sunday, September 30, 2007

"My Name Is Dave, And I'm An Open Borders Creep"

Deranged Islamofascist Sayeeda Warsi has actually managed to say something sensible, and so has, naturally, become a hate figure for the political establishment. It says it all that the folks declaring themselves shocked - shocked! - right about now were silent back when she wanted to reach out to actual terrorists. You couldn't get a better example of the insanity of the left (plus the castrato-cons) than that they'll blather on about understanding the root causes of bus bombings, but voting for an unapproved party ? Why, sir, hangings too good for them!

DK detects another brand of humbuggery amongst the critics. The only thing I'd disagree with is the EU angle. No matter how many Romanians come here to rob the stuff Britons just won't steal, the rest of the world is still keeping its end up.

But that's not it. Libs constantly deny that they support open borders, but every time someone calls for immigration controls, the girly hysteria meter gets turned up to 11. Apparently, they support immigration control, just not the type that involves refusing entry to anyone. Conservatives should try that. We should claim we support strict gun control, just not the type where anyone gets refused a permit. Either that, or set up a support group for these people: Open Borders Anonymous.

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