Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If Libs Paid As Much Attention To Victoria Climbe When She Was Still Alive, She'd Be In Secondary School About Now

At least social workers' super-charged enthusiasm for abducting kids means lives will be saved, even at the expense of massive collateral damage.


Let me say I was just shocked when I saw those figures. But seriously - consider what it all means. Social workers are behaving like caricature salesmen, doubtless complete with hard fought 'Abductor of the Month' contests, yet they still manage to leave more kids in harm's way.What can it all mean ?

Apparently, hiring people to assess families who hate the traditional family works about as well as hiring a driver who thinks the laws on drink-driving are a statist intrusion on his individual sovereignty.

But there's the other thing. Some critics say that the problem is that the system is set up to financially reward social workers who destroy innocent families. No, the problem is that the system recruits people deviant enough to destroy innocent families for financial reward. But don't call them scum or they'll get get offended.

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