Friday, September 28, 2007

More Freelance Culture War

At least someone is fighting indoctrination in schools. Of course, the Tories do have half an excuse in so far as they don't even pretend to oppose the whole Gorebull Warming scam - which is a whole other reason not to vote for them - but surely there must still be someone in the party who can see a downside to allowing the government to stuff the curriculum with nakedly ideological material ?

Nope - if you think your kids should spend their time in school learning actual stuff, the Tories don't want to know, so instead we get a lorry driver from Dover managing to oppose indoctrucation more effectively than the whole Tory Party.

In so far as they seem to tacitly accept these outrages, the Tories sole contribution to the culture war is to give a spurious respectability to kook rubbish. Again, it took a lorry driver to raise the question of the government using schools to promote politically-contentious ideology.

This is why the Cameroonatics are wrong. Their whole theory is based on the idea that they can betray the right because the base doesn't have any alternative outlets. But the base has plenty of alternatives, there are all sorts of folks waging the culture war without any input from the Tories. It's the Cameroonatics who are looking marooned and abandoned - if the Tories don't promote conservative values, what else are they for ?

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