Sunday, September 23, 2007

'None of the Above' Is A Position Too

Like Theodore Dalrymple, I'm often surprised by how passionate people can be about nothing. Still, I support the idea of people setting up overtly atheistic schools, and not only because I support school choice, but also because I'm a fan of accuracy in labelling.

I think Cranmer calls it right here. Refusing to take a position is a position in itself. Claiming - as, incidentally, the head in question does - that your institution is 'secular' even while you cleanse the curriculum of any trace of religion is just sleazy. Grow a spine, sciencedammit!

Equally, in so far as our society, as currently constituted, is based on Christian principles, the Atheistic agenda is, by definition, a transformative one. An explicitly Godless society would be significantly different from what we have now. Atheistic schools would give us the opportunity to compare and contrast the two systems side by side, so let the rationality run free, and let us compare the products of Dawkins High with those from faith schools. It's the only logical thing to do.

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