Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hand Wringing Now Compulsory

FR calls it right:
So there you have it: actually doing something about the problem and then getting on with more important things: indicative of the bigoted mindset of a thought criminal. Making a mountain out of a molehill: indicative of fitness to be a police officer.
Yep: liberals don't want to fix anything. After all, they'd be out of a job. Still, this does raise a serious point. Here's a test supposedly designed to catch witches racists, but which actually discriminates against people who don't buy into the liberal doctrine about how to deal with racism. Hmmmm... isn't it the left that keeps telling us that being sceptical about anti-terrorism legislation doesn't meant they support terrorism ?

Who knows ? Maybe conspicuous agonising is better than fixing stuff, but should it be a pre-condition for service in the police ? To ask the question is to answer it but, as ever, the left wants diversity of everything, except thought.

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