Friday, September 21, 2007

Cookie Monstered

Personally, I've always hated phrases like 'culture of corruption' - they always seem like weasely attempts at guilt by association. Still, in so far as the BBC loves that kind of terminology, I think we're justified in asking what the constant stream of frauds being uncovered at the BBC say about their corporate culture.

Consider the bizarre case of the Blue Peter cat. Not only did they rig the original poll, but even after they got busted, they lied about why they rigged it. Apparently, they rejected the name chosen by the public as it was obscence. Huh ? Hey, I admit I'm kind of out of it, but I'm really struggling to put a filthy interpretation on 'Cookie'. So think about that: the BBC gets busted, they're under the spotlight, but they still keep lying. Just how arrogant are these guys ?

At this point libs will pitch up to ostentatiously roll their eyes and claim that its a trivial issue. In other words, the left's position is that the BBC lies about trivial nonsense, but we can trust it on political hot button issues. Ah yes! And that's without considering that, in so far as people were encouraged to vote in a rigged poll, that surely qualifies as fraud.

But that's not even it. MSM arrogance is proverbial, but the BBC deciding that only fully-trained and licensed mejah people are qualified for dangerous cat naming missions - that's a new low.

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