Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boo Hoo!

Not exactly refuting the image of the Nu Tories as a bunch of entitled wimps, you know who has an article in the Telegraph complaining that Gordon Brown is playing to win. The rotter!

This is presumably as opposed to the wimpy non-politics practised by the Tories. Still, you have to admit, the country can't hardly afford to lose people who make well-reasoned arguments like this:
In other words, the Conservative Party faces a Goebbels-esque onslaught of "total war". At least the Tories know now what they are up against and can plan accordingly.
Yes, Gordon Brown is a Nazi. I told you these folks argued like libs.

Except it turns out that Gordon Brown is also Stalin:
A few weeks ago, Tory foreign affairs spokesman Keith Simpson circulated his annual summer reading list to Conservative MPs.

The first two books on the list were Tom Bower's biography of Gordon Brown and Simon Sebag Montefiore's Young Stalin.
You know, if you're a member of a party that issues approved reading lists, you probably want to avoid the Stalin comparisons.
Their close proximity on the list was no coincidence. It was former Cabinet Secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull who first accused Gordon Brown of "Stalinist ruthlessness" and a "cynical view of mankind and his colleagues".
Since when have conservatives complained of people having a cynical view of humanity ? Ditto, when did a load of twittering Metropolitan wheenies all adopting the same stupid talking point become an argument in its favour ?

The whole thing is like that. Consider the chutzpah of a member of the Cult of Dave charging that Brown will 'stop at nothing to gain a short-term party political advantage'. And that's without suggesting in the self-same article that the Tories fortunes can be turned round by Andy Coulson. Who ? Cameron's new director of communications, of course. See, it's all about the deep, philosophical underpinnings.

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