Thursday, September 06, 2007

Iain Dale: Privy Councillor

For a true barometer of where the Tory Party is at, consider that the blogosphere's highest profile Cameroonatic has identified another victim group to pander too: people who want to have sex in public.
However distasteful many people may find this sort of gay cruising, no one can ever answer the question as to why heterosexual males (or indeed females for that matter) are not routinely entrapped and then arrested for soliciting anoynmous sex in nightclubs.
Of course, it works both ways - look how people react when you take a leak on the dance floor.

But let's be fair, he might just have uncovered a whole new frontier of discrimination. Either that or a straight guy who hung round the ladies toilets, grabbing backsides and telling them they 'wanted it' would also find himself helping police with their enquires. Let's check the scorecard here: apparently, a guy handing out Christian leaflets is offensive, but only a narrow-minded bigot could possibly object to the fact that when he takes his five-year old son to a public toilet, they're confronted by the sight of a guy playing the pink oboe.

And thus was ended the debate on whether or not Dale was a genuine right-wing maniac or just a shill for the gay rights movement. [1]

But, of course, Dale isn't interested in the detail, he wants to 'concentrate on the reaction'. Yep, he's all about the hypocrisy (see what I mean about Tories borrowing from the Left's playbook ?) Apparently, Senator Craig is a hypocrite for not embracing the gay agenda like a proper homo, but the rest of the Republican Party are evil for discriminating against him just because he's gay. Huh ?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but those two arguments are completely contradictory. In so far as the gay lobby has a very specific set of policies they wish to force through, they can't hardly claim that their opponents are obviously motivated by bigotry. Maybe they just don't like public sex ? After all, Senator Craig was doing fine until he broke the law. Noticeably, the only people trying to out right-wingers are the gay rights nutters.

Equally, as even Dale admits, the so-called 'Log Cabin Republicans' (i.e. gays) were adamant Craig should step down, except that was secretly payback for him refusing to support the gay agenda. Ah yes: gay Republicans forced out a gay Republican senator in order to advance the cause of gay Republicans. Well, either that, or it could be that they've spent years trying to distance themselves from pervy weirdoes hanging round the gents and aren't going to let any activist weenies drag them back into the stall.

Come to think of it, where exactly are these right-wing lynch mobs anyway ? Let's see what the left's favourite hate figure says:
If you've just returned from your Labor Day vacation and are scanning the headlines from last week's newspapers -- don't panic! America is not threatened by a category 5 hurricane named "Larry Craig."

Despite the 9/11-level coverage, Larry Craig is merely accused of "cruising while Republican." There is nothing liberals love more than gay-baiting, which they disguise as an attack on "hypocrisy."
Pretty vicious stuff, hey ? Ditto, the left's other favourite bogeyman.

The bottom line - as it were - is that a lawmaker has been caught committing a criminal act, and forced to resign. You can pout and whine and claim that the US should be more like Britain when it comes to public sex and criminality in public office, but the state of our public morals and our politics argues against that.

Still, Dale can't even leave it at that, claiming the Gipper 'must be turning in his grave'. Really ? Which Ronald Reagan are we talking about ? This one ?
Society has always regarded marital love as a sacred expression of the bond between a man and a woman. It is the means by which families are created and society itself is extended into the future. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it is the means by which husband and wife participate with God in the creation of a new human life. It is for these reasons, among others, that our society has always sought to protect this unique relationship. In part the erosion of these values has given way to a celebration of forms of expression most reject. We will resist the efforts of some to obtain government endorsement of homosexuality.
If he is rolling round, it's probably with laughter.

[1]Some will say it's harsh to question his right-wing credentials, but then he has no qualms about questioning the faith of his opponents. It's strange how all the people who claim to be the only ones who know what Christianity really means, always turn out to be liberal proponents of random, al fresco sex, who think criminality is no big thing.

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