Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Feel The Love!

The Devil brings us news of the latest entries in a genre I call 'why won't these knuckle-dragging retards vote for us ?'

Extra credit for them working in jibes about the Daily Mail and old age, but I'm thinking: do any of them ever think that maybe the lack of trust may not be entirely unconnected to their enthusiastic adoption of every stupid smear in the left's playbook ?

I'm sure the face cards in any mass movement despise the common herd, but there's something very special - as the Retard-King would no doubt say - about the snarling hatred and contempt in which Tories hold their own supporters. But now the secrets out and even the Tory grass roots are slowly getting the message. Clearly, there's only one thing to do: turn the hate up to 11.

It used to mystify me that while there are people on the left who can rationally discuss the tenets of Conservatism, even the mere mention of it sends Tories off to Tourettes Land. Then I had a revelation. Tories hate the right because we expose them: we expose the fundamental fraud behind the modern Tory Party.

Both the Tories and the left have an interest in passing off the Tories as the antonym of Leftism: you either have the collectivist insanity of socialism, or you have the Tory Party, aka the Legion D'Entitled, the smug, sneering, snobbish collection of over-privileged degenerates, wasters and amoral weasels, looking down their nose at the ordinary, decent working people of this country. The only reason half these morons are even in the Tory Party in the first place is the lurking fear that if they joined Labour, they might have to sit next to a Scouser.

Well, screw that. Conservatism is a vibrant, positive, innovative ideology. Any connection between Conservatism and, say, a worthless, silver-spoon, stoner piece of trash who's never - in the strict sense of the word - had a real job, is purely coincidental. So keep the hate coming you Tory vermin. It just rams home how little else you actually have to contribute.

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