Friday, December 29, 2006

Nation Shall Speak Dhimmitude Unto Nation

Don’t be shocked, but the BBC is spinning for Islamothugs again. Ok, first up Cordoba is not a ‘former mosque’. It was a church that was converted to a mosque during the years of brutal Muslim occupation, then converted back as soon as the Spaniards liberated themselves. Against that background, the Muslim’s demand (or ‘plea’ for those who speak dhimmi) takes on a far more sinister cast, reminiscent as it is of the way Muslim invaders throughout history have made a point of seizing Christian churches and converting them to mosques. And no, there is no record of any of them becoming ‘ecumenical temple where believers from all faiths could worship.’ Ancient history ? Yet what does it say about Islamic ideology that these people not only try to invade the cathedral to carry out their own ceremonies, but actually claim victim hood over the fact security guards turf them out.

Needless to say, none of the historical background is included in the BBC’s report, and neither is the more overtly sinister language used in the initial demand. ‘Peace’ it turns out, means what it always means to Islamofascists: the surrender of the Infidel and his acceptance of dhimmitude.

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