Sunday, December 31, 2006

Now This Is Comedy

I read this book whilst working in the Middle East. It was popular out there and much hyped, so I thought I better make an effort to find out what all the fuss was about. I have never been so disappointed. A accept that it is an old book, but I still feel it ought to have some relevance and cohesion. All I could grasp from it was that the author had a dislike for all Jews and Christians and that all the readers should follow his illogical and outdated ideals. I also understand that the translation may be questionable, but even so the general idea must be the same, and its not as if they haven't had time to get it right. Quite how it has sold so many copies is beyond me. I'm not surprised that the author never went on to write anything else and am surprised he got a publisher at all. If I had to read this book more than once I would no doubt begin to loose touch with reality. It was also way to long and could have been condensed into about 50 pages, and still been to long. I found J.R.R Tolkiens book, The Lord Of The Rings to be a much more satisfying read.
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