Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Religion Of Pieces Round Up

Oopsie! Further evidence that the MSM's wall of noise isn't working anymore.

Could this by an chance be related to the media being caught spinning for the 'splodey dopes again ?

It has to say something that while the dhimmis are left citing mythical mobs of crazed "Islamophobes", on the Right we just let the Islamopaths speak for themselves. Take Turkey and their charming argument that as a completely and utterly civilised nation, they should be allowed to join the EU, and besides, if they get turned down, they'll go an murderous rampage. Apparently, in Islam the concept of 'mixed messages' is ha'ram.

Meanwhile, the Left has a new policy for dealing with Islamofascism: complete surrender. Actually, when you put it like that, it seems kind of familiar. It turns out that British Muslims are peaceful bunny rabbits, except if they disagree with foreign policy, in which case...they'll go on a murderous rampage (is anyone seeing a theme here ?).

Still, if the Jihadbots only express their inner Charles Manson because of Israel, I'm really looking forward to hearing about how the Zionists secretly control Bangkok. Paging Ms Tonge, Jenny Tonge to reception please...

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