Monday, December 11, 2006

Them Liberals Are So Literate

Uh oh – looks like IDS has been caught telling the truth. Clearly, when a guy’s just published a report about raising kids, the obvious question to ask is about the role of gays. At least it is if you work for the MSM. IDS answered the question the way most of us would thereby provoking mass hysteria amongst the usual suspects shocked – shocked! – at the suggestion that the world didn’t revolve around them.

Needless to say, first to collapse on the chaise longue was Iain Dale, with a post registering 8.5 Sullivans on the freakout meter. Amusingly, this proved to be too much even for his fanboys, hence a nifty example of rowing back: even if IDS didn’t say what Dale said he did, what he did say sounded like he might have said what Dale said he did.

Hey, this blogging lark’s going to get much easier if that’s the new standard. I feel a post coming on about Dale’s habit of drowning kittens. Not that he ever actually admitted to doing that, but he hasn’t explicitly ruled it out either so, y’know, sauce for the goose, right ?

That’s not it though. What’s really interesting is the response of the Blogosphere's Greatest Living Englishman when a commentator jibed him about his initial post (and remember, comments are moderated on his blog, so there’s no question of impersonation). Read on, and behold the level of argumentation in Mr Camoron’s Nice Nu Tory Party.
Urbane, why don't you just fuck off and read another blog. What about bigots r us? You;d feel quite at home.
So, if you’re filling in your tax return right about now, just remember: it’s because people like Dale know how to spend half your income better than you do.

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