Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The BNP: Is There Anything It Can't Do ?

It's always so cute when Beeboids turn out long, agonised pieces about how they're being cruelly ridiculed for being too right-wing. Ah yes.

You will be staggered to find that the people accusing Nick Robinson of being too right-wing both write for the Independent - the paper for Guardian readers off their meds. See, that's a clue right there. When the BBC is being criticised by the Right, it's coming from mainstream rightists, when the criticism is coming from the Left, it's from people who think the CIA killed John Lennon to stop him revealing the truth about how the Jews were plotting to destroy the rainforest.

OK, that’s hyperbole, but not by much. Look at the Indie’s real point: investigating whether or not Blair sold seats in the legislature will strengthen ‘the fanatics in the BNP and elsewhere’ Apart from anything else, what’s with this ‘and elsewhere‘? Hey, they fly airliners into buildings, blow up buses and plot dirty bombings and all they still end up a support act to Nick Griffin and the rest of the folks checking the purity of their essence. What’s a Shahid got to do to get some recognition round here ?

Seriously, how much Kool Aid do you have to drink before the first association you can think of for ‘fanatic’ is ‘BNP’ ? And that’s without considering the myriad possibilities offered by the Indie’s argument that we shouldn’t mention Blair knocking out the knighthood’s through fear of the BNP. Just what can’t that excuse be used for ?

See, there’s Clue # Two. When BBC reporters are attacked by people who think the public should ignore credible charges of corruption lest the BNP Bogeymen attack, that doesn’t prove they’re unbiased, that just proves how low the bar is for BBC objectivity. After all, what does it say about the BBC when the lunatic fringe is shocked and enraged that they've actually reported a story ?

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