Sunday, December 24, 2006

Outing: Now Back In

Say what you like about the BNP, but they perform a useful social role in letting us know what Liberals say when there’s no social pressure to dial down the crazy. Take, for example, Liberal outrage at MI-5 monitoring of Islamic groups: they’re shocked – shocked! – at the idea of Five infiltrating these groups, but Liberal journalists infiltrating the BNP ? Why sir, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Then there’s the Left’s ever-changing burden of proof when detecting extremism:
In my seven months as a party member I heard very few racist epithets, and no anti-semitic comments. Such language appears almost to be frowned upon in Griffin's post-makeover BNP. Perhaps it is a tribute to the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Public Order Act 1986, and to the gently shifting mores of British life, that racists rarely feel able to express themselves, even among like-minded people. But some of the fear and the hatred remains: it just emerges in code.
Code words, ah yes. As with much else Liberals have written about the BNP, you find yourself asking - who couldn’t that charge be levelled against ? They’re writing about school vouchers, but really they mean ‘kill the Welsh. I guess our Secret Squirrel is just hacked off because he’s had to admit that BNP members are less anti-Semitic than the average edition of the Guardian.

Even stranger, our Mata Hari constantly mocks the BNP for their obsession with security. Hey, it’s not like they have to put up with, say, sleazy journalists trying to infiltrate the Party to cause trouble for their members, is it ?

Actually, this is the part that really sticks in the throat. The article publishes the names of several party members. Back in the day, the Guardian waxed lyrical about how digusterated they were by the News of the World publishing the names of convicted paedophiles. So, let’s check the scores on the doors here: outing perverts who prey on kids: bad, outing people who support a party the Left disapproves of: good. It’s not even as if the subtext is well hidden so, after a seven months investigation, the only evidence of people subtly endorsing violence or harassment comes from the Guardian itself. Classy!

The strange thing is that in outing several respectable folks who support the BNP, the Guardian contradicts its own line about super-sinister BNPers secretly plotting to blow up the local Tandori. Take, for example, this one:
Among my members, I discover, is Simone Clarke, principal dancer with the English National Ballet. During a subsequent conversation, Ms Clarke says that she believes immigration "has really got out of hand", despite her partner, both on and off-stage, being a Cuban dancer of Chinese extraction. She adds: "If everyone who thinks like I do joined, it would really make a difference."
This is only a mystery if you believe, as Liberals do, that any opposition to open borders must be racially-based. Maybe she just doesn’t see why we should be paying welfare to people who want to blow up the No 27 bus ?

This is the problem when you use the same language to describe people who want to deport mad mullahs as you do to talk about people who want to murder anyone darker than Casper the Ghost. Tell people that wanting Britain to have an immigration policy makes them knuckle-dragging thugs and they’ll naturally conclude that knuckle-dragging thugs are just people who have opinions Liberals don’t like.

Put it this way, there’s more evidence of moderates successfully overcoming violent radical factions in the BNP than there is in the Iranian government, so how come the Guardian isn’t calling for constructive engagement with Nick Griffin ? The same folks obsessing about BNP code words are the ones who think that Iranian President Achmakindofmad is just using colourful metaphor when he refers to Israel being wiped from the map.

See, that’s the irony right there. It’s articles like this that drive people to the BNP. The determination to detect evil subtexts in everything BNP members say contrasts sharply with the Guardian’s relaxed attitude to even the most extreme rhetoric from Abu Hamza, Lee Jasper or the rest of the Left’s insane clown posse. Hell, look at July 7: Islamopaths blow up trains and a bus, and Liberals think that means police officers should be used to protect mosques from a non-existent backlash. However toxic the BNP’s rhetoric about ethnic minorities, it can’t hardly match the intense loathing Liberals have for native Britons.

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