Friday, December 15, 2006

Even When They’re Right They’re Wrong

It’s something of a cliché amongst Conservatives that government should concentrate on protecting the coast and delivering the mail, with everything else being debatable. Needless to say, the Left think somewhat differently, which is exactly why your correspondent is blogging from a concrete bunker, lest one of Patricia Hewitt’s Anti-Obesity Storm Brigades haul me into a room where I’ll be made to listen to Cherie Blair Karaoke tapes until I throw up everything I’ve eaten since 1986. Yes, indeed. We’ve passed through the era of Big Government and into the era of You-Got-To-Be-Kiddin’ Me Enormously Huge Government. So guess where they’re pushing through a strict policy of deregulation and letting the market run free.

Of course.

Giving money to idiots to produce bad films ? Vital role of government. Five-a-day officers ? The epitome of good government. Protecting the nation’s infrastructure ? Easy, tiger!

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