Sunday, December 24, 2006

More Liberal Compassion

Plenty of folks on the Right think the answer to saving the education system is to give schools more autonomy. In theory, that’s a great idea, but it does neglect one vital fact of modern British education: some of the folks in it are howling mad moonbats. Consider this sleazeball:
A seven-year-old boy in a wheelchair was left in tears after being banned from the school Christmas party - because his parents objected to him taking part in Hindu celebrations.

Liam Walker's parents withdrew him from school festivities marking the Diwali festival because they believed the religion's karma theory suggested he was being punished for previous sins.

In retaliation his headteacher banned him from any Christian events, including the school Christmas party where 200 youngsters exchanged gifts and learned about the nativity story.
I don’t care what your beef is with the parents, there’s no justification for extracting this kind of vengeance on a seven year old child. That’s true whoever you are, but for a supposed professional educator to victimise a child like that… well, let’s not have any more sermons from the teaching unions about how teaching is really a profession, at least until we find one guy with a licence prepared to call for this psycho to be given the order of the boot.

As far as the specifics go, yes, the parents’ interpretation of Hinduism is nearly as bad as the BBC’s view of Christianity but, then again, seven year olds aren’t known for their metaphysical sophistication, so they certainly have an arguable case – which is more than Psycho Girl has:
"She warned me I had the right to withdraw Liam from religious education lessons but I did not have the right to pick and choose. I was stunned."
Actually, you can: that’s why we talk about ‘freedom of religion’ rather than, say, ‘licensed religion’.

OK, now I know the thought of a Liberal being unable to handle the idea of freedom will be something of a shock to you, but there you have it.

That’s not all though. While the Comrade Headteacher was insisting on compulsory celebration of the festival of lights, a certain other cultural landmark wasn’t getting quite the same treatment:
But in a further indication of political correctness infiltrating the school curriculum, Jesus was banned from his year's nativity play.

Instead A Child For Peace centred around two tribes whose sparring was brought to an end by a newborn child.
Apparently, they’re celebrating the ancient festival of the passing of the sickbag. Either that or Hindu festivals can stand on their own, but Christian ones have to be rendered down into some anodyne PC drivel. Hmmm…sounds kind of like picking and choosing to me. But I'll bet this is different somehow.

This case is Liberalism in a nutshell…with the emphasis on 'nut'. Of course Liberals are enraged by the thought of any child, anywhere escaping indoctrination. Of course Liberals have to threaten vengeance on seven year olds. Of course, they hate Christianity. Whatever your own beliefs, Christianities 2000 year survival implies some kind of meaning, some worth. Compare that to the nihlistic cess pit of Liberalism. Liberalism cannot survive in the light of day, that’s why they have to indoctrinate the kids young, before their psychic defences are in place. Still, look on the bright side: at least one set of kids have had a perfect introduction to the true nature of Liberals.

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