Sunday, December 10, 2006

MSM Says 'Trust Us, Peasants'

Associated Press continues its mission to eliminate its own credibility. There’s a nice round up here, while an earlier high point in journalism is remembered here.

Allahpundit makes an important point. Doesn’t AP’s defence rely on some outrageous special pleading –namely the proposition that both Iraqi and US government sources are intrinsically corrupt, but their sources, why, even to raise the question is an outrage ? But isn’t this just the perfect microcosm of the MSM’s worldview ?

At risk of ramming the point home, as a new service AP provides news for media across the globe including, of course, Britain. And have these scandals been mentioned by anyone in the British media ? Nada.

Again, at the risk of repletion, aren’t these the folks who keep yammering about their role in keeping ‘Big Business’ honest ? Now, there’s a scandal brewing in their own backyard, the fearless seekers after truth are busy with the MSM equivalent of cat blogging – well, that and warning everyone else about the dangers of blogs.

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