Friday, December 29, 2006

Now Can We Call Them Fascists ?

I said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but when gays keep claiming to be terrified of persecution by Christian OAPs, well, it’s not exactly killing the stereotype stone dead is it ?

Besides, in so far as the harassment of a couple of elderly pensioners was a bridge too far even for our courts, you’d think the Pink Wedge would be investigating the wonders of silence right about now, but thanks to JuliaM, down in the comments to this post, we can see that they’re going with Plan B: Double Insania.

It’s a comment piece in the gay press written by an anonymous media personality. Normally, that means the tea-boy at Classic FM, but in this case, such is the abject failure to distinguish between the private and the public sphere, and between coerced funding from taxation and private support, that it can only be a Beeboid. Apparently, their solution to being exposed as a gang of thugs is…more thuggery.
It's about time that we as a nation got a grip and once and for all decide if we wish to be a tolerant, liberal democracy or continue to allow newspapers like the Daily Mail and its readers to drag us back to a pre-enlightened state.

Tolerance doesn't mean people like Mr and Mrs Roberts loving gays or even thinking that we have a right to act according to our nature. What it does demand is that any negative feelings they have for us are kept to themselves.

Let bigots (not necessarily them) hate us in the privacy of their own homes but please let us not allow them to pollute our libraries, newspapers and airwaves with their hatred and theological misconceptions any longer.

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