Friday, December 15, 2006

Some Thoughts On The Incidents In An Eastern Area Of Land

In the same spirit as Liberals mau-mauing the MSM into describing the victims in Suffolk as executives in the flesh-industry, I'd like to announce I am no longer a drunk: from now on I am a hoochographer.

As Laban says, if only Liberals could work up the same concern for other victims of crime. He also speculates that the assailant may be a recent immigrant. At a guess I'd say that the killer's obvious resources, both material and in terms of local knowledge argue against that, but it would explain one mystery.

Femiloons to the contrary, the average man is not one bad day at the office away from going on a murderous rampage. The vast majority of serial killers have worked their way up to actual murder via a series of more minor crimes. Police officers will be trawling their records looking for offenders with this kind of 'apprenticeship', yet they've had no luck so far. Could that be because the offender isn't in the system ?

Let's not understate the problem here. Our immigration system doesn't just mean there's no way to prevent serious offenders taking up residence in Britain, or that we can't check the back-ground of those who do come here, it means we can't even tell who's here in the first place. The Fred West of Warsaw could be living in Ipswich and no one would even have a name to run by his home town police. Whatever the specifics of this particular case, this is something that surely needs more attention than finding a PC phrase for a lady of the night.

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