Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Liberal Heroism

Amongst the million or so annoying things about Liberals is the way they effortlessly combine instinctive cowardice with windy tributes to their own heroism. Consider Channel 4’s latest outbreak of student radicalism, namely having an Islamonazi in full regalia presenting an alternative Christmas message.

Yes, that Channel 4, the one that held a poll to ask its viewers whether or not they should show the Motoons, then when the viewers voted yes, refused to show them anyway as they were too ‘offensive’.

Let’s run through this again. Marking one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar by featuring a broadcast from a representative of a murderous death cult wearing full regalia ? Cutting edge radicalism. Showing the cartoons your whole program is dedicated to discussing ? Pointlessly offensive.

This is what grates. Not that Channel 4 has decided to use Christmas to express their hatred of Christians – that’s par for the juvenile course – nope, it’s the fact that they (and, indeed, most of the MSM) think this is the epitome of heroism. Where exactly is the Christian ‘Theo Van Gough’ (and, no, Channel 4 still haven’t shown ‘submission’) ?

It’s the perfect barometer of the moral decline of modern Liberalism. There really are murderous fanatics out there who want to murder critics of their religion, and the MSMs reaction is to give a platform to one of them to spew their propaganda, while congratulating themselves on boldly standing up to a genuinely peaceful religion. If St George was a Liberal, he'd have teamed up with the dragon then insisted we celebrate his bravery in taking on a dangerous maiden.

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