Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Death Camp Of Tolerance Is Calling

Don’t be shocked, but a Liberal’s been caught telling the truth. Here’s actor John Barrowman’s comment on his ‘civil partnership’:
It's been a long wait but we legitimised our relationship to each other a long time ago when we signed our mortgages together and this is just something that forces people who don't want to recognise it that they have to.
No room for misquote there, then. Forget all the touchy-feely talk, here he is laying it out: gay marriage was always about sticking two fingers up to social conservatives.

In a similar vein, look at the government’s new rules on supposed ‘equality’ in the workplace. In so far as the nation’s gays have presumably not been living off private incomes until now and it’s already illegal to beat colleagues to death, it’s predictable that these new employment regulations are less to do with any rational conception of ‘equality’ than with imposing the gay agenda.

‘Tolerance’ boils down to minding your own business, but these regulations are about anything but that. On the contrary, companies will be expected to exhibit gay paraphernalia on site. Ditto, employees will be expected to know many of their fellow citizens are working the other side of the street. Und so weiter….

Ultimately, there’s nothing tolerant about using the power of the state to force people to display propaganda, take part in re-education sessions or parrot approved talking points. But, there’s something more here.

As ever, South Park hit the nail on the head. What we’re talking about is a lifestyle – people have the right to live how they want, but they don’t have the right to demand other people's approval. Yet, that’s exactly what these regulations are really about.

Will no one think of poor Lemmiwinks ?

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