Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Imagine No Liberals

Is it just me, or have other people noticed that the glorious victories of Islam appear to be disproportionatly achieved against people who are female, unarmed, greatly outnumbered or any combination thereof ? Things don't go so smoothly when they're up against actual soldiers.

Of course, the Ethiopians have one huge advantage: they can actually wage war, not some deranged therapy nation policing exercise. They don't have any Liberals around to insist the fire brigade can only use watering cans instead of hoses, then claim the resulting conflagration proves that fires can't be fought successfully.

But don't worry: while the Ethiopians are busy giving us a vision of the way things should be, there's been one reminder of just how far down the rabbit hole Britain is:

Ethiopia says the SICC has recruited foreign jihadists, and that a handful of almost 300 prisoners taken after one battle for a central Somali town held British passports.
You know, if Liberals spent as much time criticising these actual, real, violent extremists as they do warning about the rise of the BNP, then the BNP wouldn't be rising half as fast.

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