Sunday, December 10, 2006

About That 3 Billion.....

Also, on the subject of blogs beating the MSM at their own game, have a look at this post by Natalie over at B-BBC. She’s right about the BBC appalling coverage, but note too just how much actual information is in her post. Blogs are supposed to be parasitic on the MSM, but compare the content of the post to the original report. Which one would leave the user better informed ?

The point is that the BBC’s report isn’t simply biased, it’s also objectively wrong and absurdly superficial. The report isn’t just worthless, in so far as it’s actually, factually wrong, it’s actually has a negative value. Viewers end up less well informed than if they’d given it a miss. That’s the thing with the BBC. The bias is only the most annoying, most visible part of a more general problem: the BBC is really, really bad at its job.

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