Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spiralling Off Into Insanity

Imagine trying to explain recent events in Britain's worst Police force:

"So, anyway, it turns out that senior police were part of a conspiracy to discriminate against some of their subordinates on racial grounds"

"Wow, bet the Libs are already building a gallows"

"Well, not exactly...."

Not only has there been a grand total of no firings, but now "Britain's Top Cop" has given two fingers to the whole process. It might just be me, but I'm thinking that if a PC can be fired for telling a naughty joke, then senior manager should be fired for implementing an obviously racist disciplinary policy. But that's almost by the by. Here we have a number of employess who exercised their rights under existing employment legislation, the tribunal set up for that purpose ruled in their favour, and a senior public servant, a police officer no less, is telling them to shove it. Delusions of granduar, much ? Or just a realistic assessment of how much the PC warriors can get away with these days ? Talk about things coming full circle. Now it's the Liberals that are the ones excusing cops who bend the rules to nail the 'obviously guilty'.

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