Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Horror, The Horror

Well, now isn’t this lucky. We’ve just had Amnesia International’s whingefest over the cruel persecution of people simply because they’re sociopathic terrorists, which means I’ve got the nanoviolin all set up and ready to play a sad song for an equally deserving group of people.

Yes, indeed. M’learned friends are teed off and I love it. Not just for the usual reasons though. This is particularly sweet in light of the way so many lawyers try to pass themselves off as ‘concerned citizens’. Hearing these folks yammering on about how £33.50 an hour for a twenty-something is practically nowt should put paid to that. I mean, I’m glad they put in that qualifier about flexible childcare, but how flexible can it be that the north side of £64K pa (including 4 weeks on the beach) ain’t enough ? Who’s providing this care, Wayne Rooney ? Also amusing to see the whiny comments beneath that Beeb post. Lots of twenty-something whiners complaining that after expenses they’re left with less than £30K pa. It’s a scandal – particularly when you consider that this is for a job with the near certainty of being filthy stinking rich after a couple of decades in the job.

This kind of prissy whining is exactly what the public needs to hear – it’s a useful reminder of exactly how divorced these people are from real life.

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