Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Liberals Win Debate [With Dead Guys]

Say what you like about the Left, but they're certainly persistant - much like cockroaches. They might keep losing the argument, but just you wait until their opponents die - no one beats a Liberal at kicking corpses.

Take this for an example. It's a Liberal dream - a chance to libel some British heroes combined with the opportunity to define sexual deviency down. Best of all, being dead they don't have the protection of the law. Not that the Left needs to rely on this kind of technicality, not when they've got such good evidence as... citing another Leftist. No wonder the Lefty worldview is so FUBAR if they regard good scholarship as citing each other's work. How can new information get in the loop ?

More to the point, there's a certain lack of killer facts here, or even mildly irritating ones. General Gordon claimed he preferred helping out kids in the East End to holding high office ? Hey, this doesn't even rate 7.5 Geldorfs on the sentimental rubbish scale. Would the Left like him more if he hadn't spent his time working with what even they admit was an early precursor to the welfare state ?

What this indicates is three things. Firstly, and most directly, the intellectual exhaustion of the modern Left. These people have given up arguing the point, in favour of calling people names. Secondly, and moving on from point one, it shows how deep the hatred of Britain lies in the modern Left. These people have done nothing to deserve the Left's odiium except be British heroes. That's all it takes to get on the Left's hit list. Finally, this is symptomatic of the Left's attempt to mainstream sexual deviancy. That might sound paradoxical compared to the first two points, but no more so than the Left normally is. After all, the Left championed the cause of gay rights, even while ferociously gay-baiting whole train loads of Conservatives. Indeed, notorious Lefty pukefest Angels In America slips effortlessly from saccharine scenes of hip 1980s yuppie scum Americans coming to terms with AIDS to triumphalist sneering over former McCarthy staffer Roy Cohn's death from AIDS. Apparently, it's verbotten to claim AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuals but it's gigglesville to claim it's God's punishment for Conservatives. Ditto, the Left will use paedophillia as a stick to beat British icons with, even while using the self-same claims to prove that nonces are people too.

There's an important point here. For years Conservatives have been smeared as racists, with Liberals constantly claiming to find 'code words' scattered through Conservative speeches - ooh, ooh, he mentioned 'education vouchers', that means he wants to kill Sikhs. Well, this case is just one of many examples where the Left has flirted with paedophillia. No, this isn't another of those 'unrepresentative minorities'. We've had a Labour government for eight years - I think that's enought time for a fair test of how the Left feels about perverts. What conclusions can we draw from cases like this ? If Conservatives are supposed to be shamed by claims that the Vice-Chairman of South Fulchester Conservative Association told the one about Ian Wright and the prostitute, what conclusion can we draw over Labour's failure to protect children from perverts ? How about the plunging sentances for perverts ? Or Labour's determination to allow perverts to set up shop on housing estates without any warning for the local community ? What does that say about the Left ?

This is another case of the Conservatives' prissy reluctance to take the Left on properly. It is well gone time we had a Conservative MP prepared to stand up and tell the truth: as a body, the Labour Party objectivley supports paedophiles, while many of their members go much further. That's why they won't take any real action against either perverts or their enablers - even the ones in their own Party. The Conservatives often complain about Labour 'stealing their policies' - as if such a concept applies in politics - welll, here's area where they can't steal anything. The Conservative Party should make one thing unmistakably clear: a Conservative government will have no truck with perverts. A Conservative government will aim for nothing less than the total elimination of all forms of paedophilia. Labour will be forced either to tear itself apart over this, or to expose it's true nonce-coddling agenda. Hey - even if Labour does somehow rise out of the gutter over this issue, they may just finally take action to protect British children - and that is the point, after all.

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