Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Happy Couple

See, I told you – Galloway is an honest Liberal after all. He’s just let the cat out of the bag over the War on Terror. The Left isn’t ‘anti-war’ – it’s just on the other side.

True, superficially Liberalism and Islam don’t seem like obviously compatible philosophies but that’s only if you take their public pronouncements at face value, and why would we do that ? It’s not like the Left even pretends to live up to those values. Consider, for example, the Liberal’s constant babbling about ‘zero tolerance’ right up until the moment the violence in question has an Islamic dimension. No, Liberal moralising about gay rights, animal rights and Martian rights was always merely a useful stick to beat the West with.

Equally, Islam and Liberalism certainly have a lot in common. Both Islam and Liberalism are monotheistic religions: Islam has Allah, Liberalism has Society. Islam has laws on blasphemy, Liberalism has PC. Islamic law claims jurisdiction over every aspect of life, so does Liberalism. Muslims aren’t allowed to convert to other religions, while Liberals conscript everyone into their society, whether they like it or not.

All of the above is merely symptomatic of the corruption at the heart of both Islam and Liberalism. What truly joins them together, the central evil shared by both, is this: these ideologies are virulently anti-life. Islam is at least more honest about it – after all, you can’t get more honest than a name which means submission – but both philosophies deny human agency, in fact, deny humanity itself. In these worldviews there are no heroes, no geniuses, no stars – all achievement is the ‘will of god’ or the ‘product of society’. In such a warped world it naturally follows that the most exalted achievement of all is martyrdom – whether quickly with Semtex or more slowly, being worked to death to support people who despise the very idea of productivity.

Fortunately, Islam and Liberalism both have the same fatal flaw: to state their philosophy clearly is to refute it. This is why the Left go so bananas about Charles Johnson – he simply allows Muslims to speak for themselves. This is why the Left is so obsessed with labelling folks ‘extremists’ – they know their insane ideas can’t stand up to actual debate. If civilisation is to survive the twin threats of Islam and Liberalism then above all else, we need to draw them into that debate. Too often Conservatives will push a point right up until the point where someone calls them a nasty name. Racist, because they oppose Sha’ria ? Let the public hear what Sha’ria actually means. Extremists, because they want paedophiles stopped in their tracks ? Make Liberals tell the public what they really think about child molesters. Above all else, Conservatives need to stop cringing: we live in the richest, most successful civilisation in history – we might not be an Earthly paradise, but we’re surely better than anything these loonies could come up with.

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