Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beeb Has Moment Of Truthfulness

At last - the Beeb has found a felon whose religion can be reported. Step forward Edgar Ray Killen BAPTIST. We await the decision on whether or not he was practicing True Baptism, but I do understand the Beeb will shortly be commissioning a documentary called 'Baptist Boys' in which a group of hip young Baptists will explain that they aren't really all KKK psychos but they think lynching is an acceptable response to rap music.

Still, it's good to see the Beeb taking a hard (i.e. sane) line here. A crime is a crime is a crime. If scumbags don't want to be in court at 80, they should get caught earlier. Mind you, there is something disconcerting about hearing the L3 channel Joseph Dredd, something that doesn't ring true. I can't help feeling that if it was some geriatric scumbag identified as 'one of theirs' they'd be... no, wait, I think we did that one. In a carefully controlled experiment it was found that the self-same people who claim there can be no sanctuary for a killer were equally adamant that there was no point persuing a sweet old lady merely because she'd helped a mass-murdering dictator try and turn Britain into a radioactive crater.

Can we call these people amoral scumbags yet ?

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