Monday, June 13, 2005

Hattrick Of Hammerings

James Lieleks with the final word on the loons who claim Gitmo is exactly the same as the Gulag - and with a Python reference too.

Meanwhile, proving once again that some people have no conception of private property, a Federist demands that the Serf gives him a right of reply (and never mind that Serf was only responding to the prat in question being given a publically-funded platform for his eurodribblings). It's happened to me - I told the bloke in question to shove it. The Serf is more cunning, recognising the truth of Abe Lincoln's line that the thing that kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself - and, indeed, this blokes arguments do stink.

Over at the Rottweiller Puppy, they've found a GP taking a stand over a serious moral issue, namely the huge proportion of his colleagues that are blitzed on the job.

Not really.

What's really burning the prissy one is that we don't throw huge welfare checks at anyone who turns up at Heathrow claiming they're being, like, persecuted or something. Hey, Doc, we'll meet you halfway: we'll let in the next ten folks who claim they're being persecuted by the Iraqi Government for totally no reason whatsoever, but you've got to provide board & lodgings for them at your place, deal ?

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