Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Left Eating Itself

I think I've worked out why Liberals are so anti-gun - it's because they couldn't pick one up without shooting their own foot off. Even by their usual pathetic standards, the latest example of PC blowback is a lu-lu:

A bold plan by Irish rocker-turned-activist Bob Geldof for multi-city concerts to combat poverty in Africa ran into flak when it became clear how few black artists are involved.

With the arguable exception of Mariah Carey, none of the headliners for the centrepiece Live8: The Long Walk to Justice concert at Hyde Park in London on July 2 are black, let alone African
Oooh oooh - onion-weilding millionaire rock garbage vs race-hustling weasels. It's the intellectual equivalent of duelling midgets.

If you wanted a perfect microcosm of what's really wrong in Africa, this would be it. On the one hand we have asinine economics, on the other crazed ethnic grievance miners. Marxism and stupid nationalism - what ails Africa in a nutshell. More than that though, the Liberals have unwittingly exposed what's wrong with the whole aid industry - namely, where's the Africa in all this ? The denziens of multi-million pound sink estates are babbling about banks, big corporations, capitalism and the like while the ethnic pests are dribbling about how it all just proves that every white guy who ever lived is involved in a massive conspiracy to make them seem like a bunch of whiny inadequates. Neither side appears to have spent a moment considering that, say, Uganda's experience may have lessons for the rest of the continent in dealing with AIDS. The actual details of Africa hardly matters - that's the truth about it all. Forget all this bleeding heart stuff. If Africa didn't exist, the Left would have to invent it. For the Left, Africa is just another way to try and foist their own loony agenda on the rest of us.

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