Thursday, June 30, 2005

Maybe He Handled The Koran Without Gloves ?

Yes, yes, yes. As everyone who smart enough to watch BBC1 knows, the GWOT is merely an exercise by white racists to spread fear of dark skinned folk. Once you take out the influence of these white thugs, peace will reign. Sort of.

Two men have been jailed for life for killing a man wrongly targeted in a dispute between Sikhs and Muslims.
Shimraz Kahn, 35, got a minimum of 18 years for the murder of Major Singh Gill at his West Midlands shop. Waheed Akhtar, 22, was given 15 years.

The men believed Mr Gill's Sikh son was in a relationship with a young Muslim woman, Stafford Crown Court was told.
This is the very essence of dhimmitude, the gutless inability to make even the slightest criticism of Muslims without resorting to ludicrous moral equivalence. Here we have the brutal premeditated killing of a man and the Beeb can’t get through the first line without telling us that it was ‘a dispute between Sikhs and Muslims’. So who did the Sikhs kill ? Ah yes, there’s the problem, but for now, just consider the likelihood of the Beeb describing the killing of a Muslim by six BNP thugs as arising from a dispute between Christians and Muslims.

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