Sunday, June 05, 2005

Suck It Up, Plod!

Liberals are going to have to start hiring air-traffic controllers with all these chickens coming home to roost. Take the latest example down south: the Police have decided that the law on ‘reasonable force’ isn’t so reasonable after all. So what tipped them off ? Guess.

Yada, yada, yada. Standard disclaimer follows: yes, this does look awfully like a show trial, but c’mon, if you make a life and a living claiming women with pointy hats are poisoning the wells, you can’t hardly complain when it’s you who's tied to the stake.

This case reflects two dismal trends in modern Britain: stupid hoplophobia and the slow strangulation of the right of self-defence, both of which the Filth have been vigorous cheerleaders for. If Linda Walker can be jailed for discharging an empty air pistol near to some actual criminals, is it unreasonable to investigate when the Police shoot an innocent man ? At least Tony Martin shot an actual criminal during the commission of a crime; meanwhile it appears that an anonymous phone call and carrying a pointy object are enough for a death sentence in modern Britain.

Yes, I return to my earlier point: this could well be a witch hunt, but it is a witch hunt being carried out under laws that the Police have vigorously supported, so it’s a bit late for them to start on the whole ‘it’s a jungle out there’ riff.

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