Sunday, June 26, 2005

St George And The Mouse

Laban neatly covers the essential humbuggery of the Left's attitude to boycotts. Speaking personally, I can't get too steamed about the clash of the midgets: Christian Voice Vs the Coop. I wouldn't want to live next door to either type of santimonious twerp.

Actually, that has been this week's revelation. To hear the tools from the Coop reverently intone the phrase 'human rights' and all the rest of the neo-Marxist garbage, was to hear Liberalism finally strip away any pretence at not being a religion. Nary a Crusader could have burned with the righteous fury of the Coop drones when confronted with those who blaspheme the name of the European Court of Human Rights. Against that kind of bulging-eyed nutiness even the folks from Christian Voice sounded grounded.

The other dominant theme I noted was an old one: the strange definition of equality now in operation. The charge against Christian Voice is that they have odd views. Just that. Gay Rights activists used to claim they wanted to get the government out of the bedroom. They never mentioned the fact they only wanted it to go next door to the spare room and check no one was writing anything disparaging about them. That's equality nowadays: blokes in biker caps score government grants to teach seven year olds about felching, then they demand public execution for anyone who supports traditional morality. Hey - if you want 'alternative lifestyles' these days, try married couples (a real marriage, dammit!).

That's the thing that really sticks in the throat. Christain Voice are the very definition of a fringe-organisation. They have approxiamtly zero public support and, unlike you-know-who, they never resort to violence. Yet we're all supposed to applaud the Coop giving them the boot as the greatest act of courage since the storming of Pegasus Bridge. Then again, the Left has spent so long disparaging soldiers, sailors and the like as fascist neandathals that people working over the God Squad are probably all they've got left in the hero stakes.

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