Sunday, June 26, 2005

So Which Is It Then ?

Some of the most serious BBC bias takes the form of an absurd double standard, whereby no conspiracy theory is too wacky to discredit enemies of the Beeb, while Auntie gobbles up any old rubbish if it suits her aims. Take, for example, the absurd 'Power of Nightmares' series, with its sub X-files view of the WoT, as compared to the Beeb's coverage of the Iran elections("Just drop the proganda there, Mullah, and we'll have it on the air for you in a couple of hours"). You simply wouldn't guess from the BBC coverage that serious question marks hang over the whole election process.

On the contrary, not only has the BBC soft-pedalled any criticism of Iran, they've even put up a (Don't) Have Your Say page, whence the blindingly ignorant and the crazily fanatic can celebrate the elctions. Hey - let's take this at face value, and assume that all the enteries are - ahem! - kosher. What does that say ? The public is woefully misinformed about the nature of the Iranian government ? Is this really something the Beeb should boast about ?

In fact, let's take this to the next level. To listen to the BBC, the Iranian people have freely and fairly chosen to be governed by a complete loon. Can we now dispense with the whole 'Tiny Minoritry of Extremists' meme ? After all, the Beeb has just got through telling us how democratic was the process by which a bloke who wants to nuke the infidels got elected. I mean, I'm just trying to keep the scorecard straight here. Are the Iranian people innocent victims who just want to live their lives or are they crazed Islamofascists ? I think we should pin the Beeb down now, before we have to put up with Orla Moron interviewing Iranian goat farmers who've lost their favorite goat to that fascist Bush's attempt to bomb a perfectly peaceful ballistic missile factory.

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