Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Blood Libel For The Twenty-First Century

The Libs have finally found an example of Arab violence that they can’t support. Yes, indeed, it's the latest iteration in the Hurdnall World Victim Tour. Honestly, you need a score card with these people: we must understand the root causes of 9-11, the folks in the WTC were ‘little Eichmans’, and a foreign terrorist enabler who inserts himself into a war zone is perfectly innocent. A-huh.

Perhaps sensing a little disconnect in their story, the Left has been carefully soft-pedalling the facts in this case, hence why the Beeb inflicts lines like this on us:

Witnesses said Mr Hurndall, from north London, had been escorting children away from gunfire when he was hit in the head by a single shot.
‘Witnesses’ ? You couldn’t get away with this kind of reporting if you were writing for the Fulchester Gazette. We’re talking about a place that is somewhat short of disinterested parties, yet Auntie won’t tell us who these witnesses are. Then again, Auntie does appear to be leaving a few thing out here:

Mr Hurndall, a Manchester Metropolitan University journalism and photography student, had been operating as a human shield in the Gaza Strip with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

This is a Palestinian-led organisation that includes Westerners and aims to oppose Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by non-violent means.
Well, no. This is a Palestinian-led organisation that claims to use non-violent means yet, gosh darn it, keeps getting caught up in acts of violence. Sort of like now. We have an Israeli facility coming under attack and at the very moment an exchange of fire occurs [remember, the ISM tools claim Tommy the Tosser was ‘escorting children away from gunfire’] up pops little Tommy, the self-confessed ‘human shield’. Who’d have thunk it ?

Not that any of this impresses the Beeb. In fact, they don’t even mind carrying comments like this:

His father, Anthony, said the Israeli army acted with impunity too often…. he also expressed concern about the "culture in which this incident took place.
Doubtless, these comments are the results of years of careful study of the doctrine and tactics of the IDF. Truly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Say, anyone think the Beeb will be allowing the family of Major Singh Gill to make generalisations about Islam anytime soon ? Anyone ?

There’s a deeper humbuggery at work here though. After all, they keep banging on about an alleged disparity between Israeli strength and Palestinian weakness – well, here’s a case where a filthy rich Western family has pursued a vendetta against a penniless Arab, and the L3 media has been running paeans of praise to our plucky millionaires brave fight to nail a peasant. Wasszat ? You didn’t know Hurdnall Senior was a famous lawyer, with the media savvy and financial resources that implies ? Oops – the Beeb must have forgotten to report it.

The thing is that if you were into beasting the Yids, this would be a pretty good case to do it. Nothing to do with the absurd suggestion that an individual who spends his time acting as a kind of human smokescreen must be the victim of a vast conspiracy when he finally gets shot, just to do with the big question that hangs over much Jewish support for Israel: is it morally-based or just ethnic self-interest ? Or to put it another way, if we take a Gentile who’s done as much for Israel as anyone can (only Jewish Israelis can be conscripted into the IDF) and subject him to victimisation from the British establishment as a result of that very service, will Britain’s Jewish community rally round him or leave him to sink ?

Glug, glug!

No top legal team for this bloke – in fact, he couldn't even afford more than one visit from his family. Setting this guy up against experienced wagers of judicial Jihad was never going to end well, so where’s the outrage ?

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