Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Pint Of Chutzpah

The Libs are all a-flutter: the accounts are done and it turns out the Royals cost us £37 million last year. Aromatherapy for paedophiles - that'll pay for itself, but paying for Royalty is dead money.

So, when did the Left get all concerned about value for money ? If you want to see the true heirs of the degenerate aristocrats of eighteenth century England, you should be checking out our alleged public servants. For a perfect example of this, consider the coming train-wreck over licensing laws. Now, it's undeniable that if the Dog & Duck wants a 24 hour licence, they should have to apply for a variance, but that's not what's happening here. No - everyone, from Yuppie scum chain pubs, to the local Legion is going to have to reapply. Why ? Think of all the resources that is going to gobble up - and for what ? Yes - the transfer of responsibility from magistrates to local councils does mean some changes, but the same pubs are still in the same places doing the same thing. Does anyone imagine a private business would carry out such a pointless exercise ? More to the point - if you do think this farce is justified, you have given up the right to whine about loose change like £37 million.

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